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Selling in Vancouver

It starts with your property evaluation. Please fill out the contact me form on the MEET BOB page; and I'll phone you.


I prepare and review your market evaluation with you. After viewing your property, I compare the recently sold and active listings in your neighborhood. This detailed research requires expert market knowledge so that adjustments for differences between properties are considered. For sellers, my market evaluations include the services that I provide to you. You'll see my focused marketing plan and my recommended LISTING PRICE which should reflect your personal goals, plans and timing.


Once decisions are made about when to sell, I review the MLS Agreement with all parties on title and discuss how contract elements relate to the many ins and outs of the entire sales process. The agency services that I provide to you as your Listing Realtor means that I represent your best interests and that I represent you accurately to all parties. Back to Graph


For strata titled properties, I purchase a complete set of documents from the property manager including but not limited too, 2 years of strata minutes and AGM minutes, all bylaws, strata plans, and engineering reports. The Property Disclosure Statement forms part of this package which is given out to interested buyers. Being properly prepared and well informed about a strata building usually helps buyers make faster decisions and it also results in a smoother contract process.Back to Graph

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I always include recommendations for preparing a home for sale in my market evaluation. You receive the benefit of my having viewed many hundreds of properties, so I know what works and what improvements, if any, will help you fetch the top dollar for your home. The recommendations vary greatly from one property to the next.


In most cases (except when the property does not warrant this service) I hire a professional measuring company to measure the home and prepare a great looking floor plan showing all room dimensions. This helps buyers make decisions more quickly and it helps to set your home apart from the competition.


I prefer hiring experienced professional photographer to capture the best features of your home. I attend these photography sessions to make sure that I get the angles, the lighting and the features that I need to showcase your home in the best possible light, either through still pictures, virtual tours or video tours depending on the size, unique features and layout of your home.

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It's this simple. I don't stop until sold! Your home to be featured weekly in print advertisements; it will be shown daily on the Real Estate Channel reaching thousands of TV viewers. I spend huge dollars on Internet search engine marketing to make sure your listing is found on my website by buyers, 75% of which start their search on the Internet. MLS websites, a sign on your lawn and direct mail to the neighborhood all help to make sure your listing receives broad exposure.


With sellers consent, hosting an open house on weekends or evenings makes good marketing sense. The positive energy and enthusiasm created by multiple buyers simultaneously attending an open house can be powerful. I oversee open houses making sure that I communicate with buyers and observe behavior.


Qualified and interested buyers always prefer private showings of course. As your representative, I attend all private showings preferring not to use a lockbox. This enables me to read buyers allowing me to interpret their intentions and attitudes to you.

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Selling Vancouver properties for more money in a shorter period of time requires a better marketing plan, professional representation and sharp negotiation skills. The negotiations vary greatly depending on the people, the property and the market conditions. But a good Realtor can always make an impact. If real estate is a sport, I compete to win!


After a successful negotiation, buyers usually have about a week to satisfy their conditions in the contract. These conditions (subjects) are for a buyer's sole benefit. Accepted offers are often subject to an inspection of the property, subject to mortgage approval or conditional upon the buyer's review of all the strata titled documentation. All sorts of questions can arise during this week. I'm always ready to communicate, educate, coordinate and provide the answers that lead to the property being SOLD!

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