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call: 604-506-8965


call: 604-506-8965

What about Bob

Bob reads market changes quickly. Bob is great at doing the big things, like negotiating a transaction for the sale of a house, but it's more how I do those behind the scenes things to investigate, communicate, facilitate and negotiate that really helps me deal make. Although I named this write up, What About Bob, it's not really about me, it's about you. That's how I see it.

Your success and best interest is my focus. So put my  market knowledge and experience to work for you.

Call Bob @ 604-506-8965 to find out to get started.

Compare Annual Home Sales

Detached Houses:201520162017
Vancouver West Side 2,031 1,591 1,058
Vancouver East Side 1,943 1,494 1,394
North Vancouver 1,481 1,282 1,048
West Vancouver 1,075 834 509
Richmond 2,364 1,660 1,280


Vancouver West Side 888 710 631
Vancouver East Side 568 441 482
North Vancouver 522 463 413
West Vancouver 62 45 42
Richmond 1,321 1,043 1,181


Vancouver West Side 5,457 5,181 4,688
Vancouver East Side 1,844 1,704 1,845
North Vancouver 1,338 1,271 1,283
West Vancouver 207 223 203
Richmond 2,058 2,560 2,490

In 1911 - RJ McDougal, writes about Greater Vancouver Real Estate 

“Land prices are high, it is said, higher than anything would warrant. ’Why, the workingmen cannot afford to pay at the rate demanded for these tiny outside lots,’ asserted one man recently. The same thing was said here twenty years ago, answer the pioneers; others of us know that it was repeated ten years ago and five years ago, and our children and our children’s children will hear the same tale of woe decades hence.”